Homework Ideas

Easy & Fun Math Activities if You LOVE to Watch Football

Why This Activity Was Created

Today, one of my students asked if he could have homework to challenge him over the weekend. I was overjoyed!  My whole philosophy of homework is that it should be individualized,  purposeful, and when possible self-assigned. It is a very simple idea. When students have choice in their learning, they are far more motivated to complete tasks, especially homework.

This student LOVES football, and it is the perfect time of year. Together, we came up with a few activities he could do at home that would involve both math and football. I truly believe the best ideas are created when we collaborate with the students.

Below are some of the football homework ideas we came up with.

Calculating the Score of a Football Game


2017-09-21 (2)Football_Scoring_Sheet

Using NFL Standings & Records to Predict Winner

NFL Standings

Have your child look at the records of each team to predict who has a better chance of winning. Then they check the box next to the team they think will win. It’s not probability statistics, but it’s perfect for the elementary level.

2017-09-21 (1)

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