Parent Information, Weekly Objectives

9/25-9/29 Weekly Skills & Objectives

ELA Weekly Skills & Objectives


Unit: Realistic Fiction

Focus Skills/Objectives: 

  1. Identifying character traits in realistic fiction texts
  2. Using text evidence to support writing
  3. Retelling fictional text in sequential order
  4. Reading to our K-2 reading buddies

This week we will be analyzing the features of realistic fiction, specifically the traits of the characters. We will be looking at the character’s actions, what they say, and also what they think, to determine their traits. As with all that we do in our class, we will be finding TEXT EVIDENCE to support our ideas. On Friday, we will be reading to our reading buddy from Mrs. Schroff’s Classroom. It’s going to be a great week!

Parent Resources: 



Unit: Personal Narrative

Focus Skills/Objectives: 

  1. Adding details to our writing
  2. Writing our narratives in sequential order
  3. Making sure our moments are small
  4. Start our genius hour research

This week we will be improving our narrative writing by adding more detail, making sure the writing is in sequential order, and finally making sure our moments are small. On Friday, we will begin our research for our PASSION PROJECT! WE LOVE GENIUS HOUR!

Parent Resources: 


Unit: Place Value

Focus Skills/Objectives: 

  1. Comparing and ordering numbers ( 15,327 < 15,555)
  2. Rounding numbers
  3. Algebra Properties (5th Grade)

Parent Resources: 

Comparing & Ordering Numbers Practice

Rounding Practice

Image result for distributive property 5th grade chart




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