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October 2nd-6th Weekly Objectives

ELA Weekly Skills & Objectives


Unit: Realistic Fiction

Focus Skills: Fluency & Character Traits

This week we will be digging deeper into realistic fiction. Last week, we worked on identifying the setting, describing why it’s realistic, and using text evidence to support all of our claims. This week, we will focus on characters. We will discuss character traits and how authors use actions, dialogue, and thoughts to expose the personality and traits of the characters.

The books your children are reading are becoming more complex. These books will no longer explicitly describe the traits and personalities of each character. For example, in lowered leveled texts an author may write, “Tommy was a kind and loving son”. In a higher level text, the author may write, “Tommy spent nights helping his mother in the kitchen. He knew that without his help, his mother’s bakery business would not survive”. We know from Tommy’s actions that he is kind and loving. The author didn’t need to directly tell the reader. 

Parent Resources

Character Trait Practice Lesson

Character Trait List




Unit: Personal Narrative 

Focus Skills: Sensory Details & Transition Words

This week we will be looking through our journal and deciding which entry we want to improve and publish. We will be crafting different types of leads, adding sensory details to our writing, and using transition words to help our writing flow. The journey of writing is so much fun!

Parent Resources



Math Goals & Objectives

5th Grade

Unit: Place Value & Multiplication

Focus Skills: Properties of multiplication & 1 digit multiplication


4th Grade

Unit: Place Value

Focus Skills: Rounding whole numbers, ordering whole numbers & addition/subtraction review

Image result for round whole numbers chart

Image result for round whole numbers chart


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