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Genius Hour: Parent Information

What is Genius Hour? Genius Hour Video Genius hour is a time that allows students to explore their own passions and encourages creativity in the classroom. It provides students a choice in what they learn during a set period of time during school. Where Did This Idea Come From? The search-engine giant, Google, allows it’s engineers… Continue reading Genius Hour: Parent Information

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9/18- 9/22 Weekly Skills & Objectives

ELA Weekly Skills & Objectives   Reading Unit: Launching Reading Workshop Focus Skills: Reading with fluency Using key details when retelling a story (Sequencing)   The features of realistic fiction Decoding words with blends This week will be starting our guided reading groups. Your child will have time during our reading period (10:00-11:00) to read… Continue reading 9/18- 9/22 Weekly Skills & Objectives

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RAZ Kids-Parent Information

What is RAZ-Kids? Exciting news! Your child has been added to my class roster on RAZ-Kids.  Raz-Kids is an award-winning online resource, with comprehensive leveled reading resources for students. Your child will be reading leveled texts while in class, but can also use this resource at home. How Do Students Log On? Your child can access their leveled… Continue reading RAZ Kids-Parent Information

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Week in Review Reports: Information for Parents

Our class is doing a wonderful job identifying their levels of understanding for our daily lessons. Below is one example of how your child can identify their level of understanding. Their names are on magnets, so they can move their names around as they get better at each objective. Each week, I will send home… Continue reading Week in Review Reports: Information for Parents

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Student Self-Assessment & Levels of Understanding: Parent Information

 Student Self-Assessment Having students understand what and why they are learning specific standards, can be a creative and enriching endeavor. One approach we are taking this year is self-assessment. Part of our daily routine will include asking the students to assess their own work and understanding.  Why Students Should Self-Assess Their Work The goal of  having… Continue reading Student Self-Assessment & Levels of Understanding: Parent Information


Next Week’s Skills and Objectives

ELA Weekly Skills & Objectives September 11th-15th  Reading Unit: Launching Reading Workshop This week we will be launching our reading workshop. We will review the expectations for reading in a small group, as well as reading independently. We will also review ways to choose “just right” books (books on their level) and helpful strategies for… Continue reading Next Week’s Skills and Objectives